53 YEARS in Business!

With over 50 years of continued growth and success the very best is yet to come! Our Team Members and our Valued Customers can look forward to many exciting things to come from Industrial Truck Service Ltd., because we're just getting started!

As a company it is our commitment and promise to help our customers succeed by providing them with the outstanding skills of our people and the steadfast quality of our products and services. Quality Service and Value is much more than a tagline at Industrial Truck Service Ltd.

As a leader in the Fork Lift Industry, Industrial Truck Service believes in working in a safe place and safe environment. To reach this goal, we subscribe to a number of safety measures that include safety awareness training, risk identification, education and instruction, operating standards, and safe fork lift procedures. Our ongoing education and training programs and safety standards ensure that we take every step possible to make our work environment a safe place for our people.

Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to the environment includes practices in all aspects of our company. Our key priority extends past regulatory compliance and reflects our respect for nature and the responsible management of all our resources. High efficiency lighting in our shops helps reduce our ecological footprint, as does our embracing of electric lift truck technologies.

Company Standard

Honesty & Integrity has been defined as "doing the right thing even when no one is watching you". This feeling and belief is how Industrial Truck Service Ltd. operates and conducts business every minute of every day. We set high standards at Industrial Truck Service Ltd. and we expect the same from everyone who works for, or acts on behalf of our company. Continued personal growth and education is a part of our culture.

Awards & Certifications

COLUMBUS, Ind. (March 15, 2018) – Several dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada recently achieved Toyota Forklift’s Aftersales and Service Evaluation and Certification (ASEC). The ASEC certification is a process to help dealers focus on improved safety, productivity and customer satisfaction to grow their parts and service business, increase profitability and deliver the industry’s best customer service. The program supports dealers in their journey toward a culture of continuous improvement. It encourages dealers to focus on key areas of aftermarket operations and meeting critical standards by practicing Kaizen, a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency.

“To successfully complete the ASEC process dealerships commit to two things: hard work and a change in the way they approach business,” said Toyota Forklift’s Director of Aftermarket Sales Bret Bruin. “We commend our dealers who took on the challenge of continuous improvement to make their organizations even stronger.” In 2017, 14 Toyota dealerships successfully completed the standards to be ASEC certified or re-certified including Industrial Truck Service. This certification was renewed and updated June 2020 and again in 2023! In October 2021, we expanded the program to Saskatchewan with the certification of our Regina branch!

In 2018 Industrial Truck Service Ltd. was proud to be the first Canadian dealership to be awarded the prestigious Toyota President's Award. Given to recognize exemplary performance in customer service and satisfaction, overall operations, parts and equipment sales, the award goes to a handful of recipients each year.

In 2023 we were proud to announce that once again we had earned this coveted prize, with Bill Finerty (Toyota Material Handling President and CEO) saying "“The President’s Award is our most prestigious honor, reserved for those who deliver a superior customer experience."

We are once again proud to announce that we've clinched this top honor in 2024. This time as the only Canadian dealer on the list, Bill Finerty had this to say: "The President's Award is the Pinnacle of recognition at Toyota, reserved for those who exemplify superior dedication to providing customer service and solutions. Toyota Material Handling Dealers have a long-standing reputation for going above and beyond for their customers, and these dealers represent the best of the company's customer service standards."

Toyota has also spoken at length about the importance of implementing programs like ASEC and Lean in their Dealer's Kaizen journey, as that focus on continual improvement impacts every aspect of business. Better and quicker response times, responsive billing practices, and technology agile staff are only a few of the benefits this dedication brings to bear on helping your business.

Established in 1971.
A lot has changed.

Industrial Truck Service has a 50+ year history of providing great value to our customers through a solid commitment to Customer Service, Quality Products, and continued growth and innovation. We started in November 1971 and have worked hard to reach the high level of service we now provide. Our two main lines are the best in the Industry; Toyota and Crown fork lifts will provide our customers with the best fork lift equipment available.

As far as today, Industrial Truck Service Ltd. is a growing, dynamic and diverse company with our headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba and full service branches in Regina and Saskatoon. Tomorrow will bring continued growth and adaptation to Material Handling’s ever changing market but always our main focus will be on our customers and their needs.

Our Team

Industrial Truck Service locally employs approximately 60 team members in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. With full Dealership representation in Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon we can develop a system that best fits our customer’s specific requirements and needs. With the strongest names in the Lift Truck Industry; Crown, Toyota, Genie, and CombiLift we can provide our customers with the right solutions.

Equipped with GPS and digital tools (GPS locators, tablets, and cell phone) our technicians can be quickly dispatched, ready and able to keep your fleet running around the clock, regardless of make or model. Perhaps more importantly, you can all any hour of the day, any day of the week.

Many try to compare to Industrial Truck Service’s factory trained staff, and we are always looking for that opportunity to show customers what true service should be like. So call us now, we're looking forward to working with you.

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